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HerRights Vision and Mission


HerRights’ vision is a world in which women are free to flourish, prosper, and speak their truth – a world free of rape, violence, bigotry, and institutionalized inequality.


HerRights’ mission is to achieve social and economic gender parity through a global network that delivers empowerment tools, eliminates gender-based violence, and drives gender-equality policies.

Because women’s rights are human rights, and because elevating women benefits all people, we:

  • Focus on plurality, knowing we are stronger because of our differences.

  • Acknowledge intersectionality, knowing we must not ignore those most impacted by the intersections of oppression, particularly oppression of women within the reality of structural racism.

  • Prioritize equity and justice as transformative elements that lead toward a vision of a healthy, just, gender-equal, multiracial, democratic society, free from oppression and exploitation, in which every individual thrives with power and purpose.

HerRights Values
Women Holding Hands

Join Us - Your Voice Counts


  • Advocates for gender justice and parity on a global scale

  • Builds women up to be successful and economically self-sustaining

  • Addresses gender-based violence, discrimination, and lack of resources

  • Addresses policy change that impacts on gender parity and protection of women

  • Generates awareness and dialogue about gender parity and discrimination

  • Provides opportunities for employment

  • Builds powerful networks of cohorts who support pathways to empowerment through mentorship and investment

  • Works to change the sociocultural conditioning that keeps women from seeing themselves as leaders and pursuing their goals

  • Works to change the sociocultural conditioning that keeps men from seeing women (and all non-male genders) as humans worthy of equal respect

Afganistan women and children
Afghanistan mother with children

Gender Rights Crisis in Afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan are currently living in a situation of institutionalized gender oppression, segregation, and impunity for gendered violence, a situation that has come to be known as “gender apartheid.”

Since their takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban have engaged in a multi-level power game to strengthen their grip on the state of Afghanistan by restricting every aspect of women’s lives.

Let's Talk 


Speaker Series 

The power lies within and it grows when it reaches more and more people...

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Knowledge is Power

Awareness cards from across ....

Let's talk about the history of "International Women's Day." Why was there a need for a day like this, ever in world history? 

A protest turning into a movement... and now a celebration?



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Woman in Bed
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Women with a Cause
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Team HerRights

Tanushree Ghosh, PhD
Angel Brandwein Aldero

We are taking one step at a time toward an equal society... and we are stronger together.

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Launching The Pipeline

We are proud to present our first pipeline graduate TANISHA!!

HerRights Pipeline
Her Rights Fundraising Testimonial

Help us help

Women Fundraising

Love in the Time of COVID

The needs are endless in the COVID crises. We, team HerRights, are trying to partner in as many ways as possible to maximize our impact and ability to help those in need. We are focusing on women who are socio-economically disadvantaged but are undeterred in their commitment to make a difference in gender parity and gender representation.

These are gender violence victims facing homelessness, single mothers who can't give up. These are jobless migrant workers returning to their villages where they sustained education of their next generation through their city earnings.  We are selecting such individuals and organizations from our partner non-profits in the US and India, vetting the stories to select the highest need recipients, and hoping that our targeted effort would help ensure that women who;  in spite of their severely limiting personal situations, are our partner and inspiration in the gender empowerment cause don't fail  in their mission because of the COVID crises.
Through this fundraiser, we are raising money to benefit  women affected by COVID-19 who are facing unemployment or wage reduction and have urgent or consistent bills to be paid. The funds will be dispersed directly and through some of HerRights  non-profit partners. 
We acknowledge that we can't help everyone. Here is a link for your peruse if you'd like to explore some of the other areas you can contribute in or would like to understand our rationale for selecting to work on this segment: Love in the Time of COVID 

As we proceed in this journey, we have new cases pouring in daily. We will update with personal stories to help you help us.

Faces of Feminism

We share stories of women from different backgrounds who have not only framed their struggles into success, but inspire others to do so. To learn more about such programs, visit Food For Thought

Faces of Feminism

A registered nonprofit committed to ending gender violence and facilitating social justice 

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