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Exploring Gender Roles at Hom

December 16, ’17, 2-5 pm

Let’s Talk: Exploring Gender Roles at Home and in the World

A series of guided conversations with couples from various geo and socioeconomic backgrounds with the goal to explore gender roles and their effect on equality in today's world. Come in, participate (open to the audience for participation), and leave with new ideas for a different world for our boys and girls. Free to all. Opportunities to network and partner with other organizations and individuals working in nonprofit and women's empowerment.

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Womens Lets Talk

Continuing Lets Talk, HerRights is partnering with New Leaf and AWEE in Arizona to co-host our second live event


Dialogue on gender and workplace, and gender in the workplace

Real-time assistance to women who feel stuck, have had to drop out, or are looking for a helping hand

Networking, Roleplay, Mentoring, Panel Discussion

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Free to All, Food Provided

When Women Stay and Prosper in the Workplace,
We Change the Numbers

When We Change the Numbers
We Change the Language

A registered nonprofit committed to ending gender violence and facilitating social justice 

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