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Take the Lead Power Curriculum

Take The Lead Power Curriculum

The curriculum design to build up the number of empowered and successful women: providing leadership, career training, and network opportunities 

Join us for an amazing leadership session to embrace your power and explore your future.

** Space is limited

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Our Previous Events

Why women get stuck

When Women Stay and Prosper in the Workplace: We Change the Numbers
When We Change the Numbers: We Change the Language

Her Rights has partnered with New Leaf and AWEE in Arizona to cohost our second live event


Dialogue continuation on gender and workplace, and gender in the workplace

Real-time assistance to women who feel stuck, have had to drop-out or are looking for a helping hand

Networking, Role-play, Mentoring, Panel Discussion

 A New Collaboration

In lieu of mad, the inhuman spurt of incredible crimes committed against vulnerable children, minor girls and women, HerRights is partnering with Dr. Santosh Bakaya (eminent author and academician) and Lopamudra Banerjee (poet, author, editor) to bring forward Muffled Moans, a collection of stories and poems, compiled and edited in the form of an anthology. The work is dedicated to the cause of child abuse and gender violence. 

Muffled Moans and HerRights Collaboration

BuzzforHer is our weeklong feature, focusing on the work and impact Buzz is driving in the field of gender parity through empowering women. Buzz India was launched in March 2012 with the question ‘How do people come out of poverty?’ Buzz organizes training camps, workshops which helps to overcome the daily hurdles and poverty.


India Women

A registered nonprofit committed to ending gender violence and facilitating social justice 

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